Sustainability is very much future-focused, working with our customers to develop infrastructure, often for future generations, in ways that are environmentally, socially and economically responsible.

That commitment to sustainability has long been embedded a part of our business.

Responsibility and Governance

Hills Building Group Board sets Policy and takes responsibility for the Group’s non-financial performance, including issues relating to sustainability.

The Board reviews these activities and provides guidance on future activity.

The main topics considered by the Board during last year for example related to health, safety and sustainability; ethics, values and business conduct.

A sustainability vision and a roadmap to deliver it, was launched in October 2008 and Group-wide targets set for the first time in many areas of performance. Central to the vision is playing our part to align the interests of profitable markets and the needs of communities within environmental limits.


Hills Building Group has clearly stated policies and principles for key issues such as:

  • Risk management
  • Safety and health
  • Environment
  • Human rights
  • Equal opportunities
  • Ethics and competitive behaviour

To download the complete Sustainability Policy in PDF format please Click Here

Green Transport Plan

Hills Building Group has produced a Green Transport Traffic Site Plan (GTTSP) for construction and residential projects to take into consideration during site set up and planning phases. It aims to provide a number of options for controlling the transport impacts of the project and provides recommendations for how these options might be developed. It also details the necessary measures that require to be put in place to ensure vehicle and pedestrian segregation for site personnel and members of the public to operate safely.

Objectives and Benefits of the GTTSP

Hills Building Group has clearly stated policies and principles for key issues such as:

The objectives of the GTTSP are to:-

  • Increase the sustainability of transportation in relation to Construction and Residential projects.
  • Develop an understanding of the transportation movements of the project, in order to facilitate reductions in transportation impacts.
  • Develop an understanding of the local transportation situation in order to help develop a strategy for the implementation of a GTTSP for the operational phase of a Construction Site.
  • To ensure that a safe working area is provided for both operatives and site traffic without endangering those who work or visit the site
  • To ensure that pedestrians are protected from construction activities required on the site, which may include storage of materials, location of stores, location of welfare facilities, location of site offices, location of refueling points, location of site entrance and exit points
  • To ensure that site pedestrians and site traffic have adequate warning of the hazards and can clearly identify a safe route through or away from the works.

Some of the benefits which are likely to arise from initiating the GTTSP are:-

  • An improved relationship with the client, as the construction phase GTTSP should integrate with the clients own plans during the operational phase of the project
  • Improved relationships with the local authority and planners.
  • Improved corporate image for Hills Building Group as a ‘caring’ and sustainable company
  • Improved relationship with local communities
  • Reduced environmental impacts, and subsequent compliance with our policies on Health and Safety and Environment and the strive towards sustainable development
  • Possible savings to staff and trade contractors in the costs of transport
  • Reduction in staff and trade contractor stress caused by driving
  • Reduced ‘down-time’ of staff during driving, i.e. staff driving to work cannot work whereas if they travel by train they can be working
  • Improved staff motivation and morale
  • Progress towards a zero accident target by mitigating the risk of traffic accidents
  • To download the complete Green Transport Plan in PDF format please click here.